hello new shoes..


Shoes, Zara.

LOVE. Me and my boyfriend are celebrating our 3 year anniversary today and this morning he gave me these amazing shoes that I’m absolutely in love with. Tonight I’m taking them out on the town paired with a gorgeous midnight blue Erin Fetherston number, smokey eyes and bright red lips!

122 thoughts on “hello new shoes..

  1. awww congrats girl! those look very miu miu esque!
    i spy helmut newton! I LOVE him. I have a bunch of his books on my desk too! have you seen the collection of photos he did he for playboy?! So incredible!

  2. super endearing. I mean, guys who shop for their GF’s are keepers. I mena, he must have put so much thought into it but making something is just as awesome. Have a great evening together <3

  3. Those shoes are cute. I guess I never get ones with baubles on them, but that’s because I don’t think about it much. Well you are a lucky girl for sure. I wish I had a guy who would buy me shoes haha, but I think that might be a rare find in a guy. Cherish.

  4. oh my goodness, what a wonderful present! Those are Zara?! I have to find out when they’re coming to the US. I’m already obsessed with them.

  5. Omg those shoes are absolutely divine. WANT! I’ll go to Zara and try to find them tomorrow!!!!!
    Lucky girl!

  6. Congrats! :)
    I saw those shoes online last night, then saw them today in the store. After seeing them on this blog I think it’s a sign that I am meant to buy them! :) Have fun xxx

  7. What an amazing boyfriend, I wish I will find someone who knows shoes are the best gift ever one day!
    Congratz you guys!
    (and what an amazing taste he has, or have you secretly been hinting him? ;))


  8. Lovely shoes. But what i really like is the photo of them on those books. It looks reeady for an editorial in Elle magazine. Great job girl! :-)

    *- http://mayabeus.blogspot.com/ -*

  9. Amazing! Great post. I’m loving your blog – I’m going to become a follower right after leaving this comment.

    If you ever feel like taking a look at another fashion lover’s blog here is the link to mine! I hope you enjoy.


  10. Your boyfriend has also the eye for fashion. The shoes are gorgeus!!!
    You are a lucky woman!! lol!! just kidding
    With all that gems the shoes seems a bit to prada, aren’t they?

    Kisses from Spain.

  11. Lucky girl! those shoes are so pretty! Im sure that those shoes will look perfect with all your outfits ;)

  12. I got this book from Irving Penn. I love it from the cover till the end. Love the shoe, so hot in here=)

  13. happy 3 years!!!! bf is definitely a keeper, he’s got a great eye. gorgeous shoes! :) hope you guys had an amazing celebration!

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