56 thoughts on “hello new shoes

  1. Jätte snygga. Är de från scorett? Vet du i så fall om de kommer ut i alla butikerna, eller bara vissa utvalda? :)

  2. These are from Chloe, no? I love them, great choice! You’re so lucky to have gotten your hands on them!

  3. please please
    you have to tell me where you got them from!
    I think I’m dying.

  4. um could you have a more amazing shoe collection? i think not. these might as well be the susan’s. soooo amazing.

  5. im so jealous of those booties, they are so perfecto!!!
    they look so awesome on you, im glad though that you got them!


  6. can you please tell me where I can buy these amazing chloe look a like boots?!! Im pretty much obsessed with them and need to get em! I live in NYC and cant find them on Scorett.se??? PLease let me know!

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