hello 90s!


Picture from my birthday earlier this year

SATURDAY. Maja was the one who made me rediscover the disposable camera and realise just how fun it is! You never have to retake pictures because someone thinks they look weird, and you have absolutely no idea what the final result will look like. Just got my first photos, and I’m hooked, it’s like the 90s all over again! I’ll try to scan some more tomorrow.

34 thoughts on “hello 90s!

  1. lol! it is like the 90′s all over again!!

    adorable picture- it definitely captures the impulse spirit of a disposable camera!


  2. loving the pic. may i ask where your tshirt is from? suprcool.

  3. haha i just found about twenty disposable cameras in a drawer and i’m so psyched to see what old school memories they’ve got on them. great picture.

  4. disposable cameras are amazing. especially when you go to the zoo and have a wild animal in your background!

  5. Haha my friend just took two rolls, cause she had to practise for photography entrance exam where they give the appliers disposable cameras..sweet!

  6. hey caroline! I´ve got a question noone could answer me until now. where can I get a 5PREVIEW shirt? I lo-lo-love them but can´t find them…
    greets from germany. anna.

  7. this is just perfect. I’m going back to film too, I miss the excitement of flipping through a batch of photos. forgetting what you took and feeling happy with memories. I think film captures something that digital never can.
    love this look too

  8. guys the t-shirt is from chanel 5 preview and you can find it at the Weekday stores

  9. To all of you that where wondering about the t-shirt – It’s from a collaboration between Weekday and 5preview (sold at Weekday). But they’re sold out as far as I know, I bought mine in january/february!

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