hello 2012!

Picture from last years Firenze 4-ever event! Jil Sander pants & Céline bag.

MONDAY. 2012 is finally here and my first adventure of the year starts on Thursday when I’m going to Florence for the 4th edition of Luisa Via Roma’s blog event “Firenze 4-ever”. Had so much fun playing around with all of the clothes in the store & creating different looks last year and I’m pretty sure it will be equally awesome this year! Can’t wait to go back!!


156 thoughts on “hello 2012!

  1. How awesome!!! :D I’m reeeeally looking forward to seeing your pictures, cause Firenze4Ever is always such an interesting event ^^
    But Caroline, I have to ask you something. A week ago or so, I was one of the 12 winners of a Rebecca Minkoff bag here on your blog, but I haven’t heard anything from you since :S I’ve emailed you my address some days ago, so will they just send it, or?

    I hope you got into the new year nice and safe ^^ Have a nice trip! <3

  2. I want your bag !!!
    And in french : je te souhaite une très belle année 2012 et j’adore ton blog

    Love & Fun

  3. I remember this outfit – those pants are absolutely gorgeous. If only I could find such bright coloured pants for a good price!

  4. I love the wavy hair in the picture. The combination of the garments in the outfit is stunning.

  5. That is the most stunning gorgeous trendy outfit ever! those orange trousers are just breathtaking..only a real fashionista could pull them off! have fun at florence!

  6. Jag kom på att jag menade bloggplattform och inte domän!
    Så vad använder du för bloggplattform? ^^

  7. this seriously looks like some high class vogue candid on the streets
    your Jil Sander pants are so hot in orange. love the flare.
    (feeling bemused by your hair and make-up more !!)

    Style Hostess

  8. Hey, i must admit sometimes it’s cool to use my girlfriend’s laptop for some easy browsing. she has bookmarked this page so i clicked it. and now while i’m browsing through all these post i finally knew why my gf looks so good lately!! btw. if all you girls start dressing like this (pic above) we men will love you to death. take care.

  9. I LOVE your outfit!! You have one of the best blogs I’ve seen! <3

    please check out my new blog at :



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