192 thoughts on “happy birthday to me!

  1. Happy birthday. I’ve been following your blog for the past year and don’t comment as often as I should but thought I really should say happy birthday to one of my fave bloggers!

    Nora Finds

  2. Congratulations!!! Hope you have a marvellous day!!!


  3. Have an amazing B-day!!! It’s also my birthday today..I’m older though ;)

  4. Happy Birthday – I turn 26 in a couple of weeks and I hope it looks as greta as that when I open my eyes!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet Carolina!
    I hope that you’ll have everything you wish for!
    All my love,


  6. Happy Birthday to you … and me !
    Same age for me :)

    Have a good day ! Enjoy !

  7. Happy birthday, hope you have a fun day! Your morning defenitely looks amazing!

  8. Happy birthday, that looks like a fabulous start to the day and amazing cake!


  9. this is too cool i would love breakfast in bed for my bday. you are a lucky girl! Happy birthday, I hope your day is going wonderful.


  10. Happy Birthday sweet Carolina! I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. I hope that you will have the same success (or even more) with the blog. Again I have to say, that it is so amazing. Every single post of yours is filled with love, wonderful chosen words and fantastic photohraphs and although you did have a tiny lack of posts in the last weeks I really love coming back to you, joyfully awaiting every next post!
    And of course I wish you good health (don’t get sick that often anymore honey)and everything else you might wish for!

    Lots of love,

    Anh (tha.Darlinh)

  11. Happy Birthday to you! Lovely way to wake up to your special day…

  12. I’m just staring at the picture wishing I would’ve had such a fabulous start for the day too!
    Happy birthday, stay fabulous! x

  13. Hope you enjoyed your day sweety :)
    but i guess you did, noticing from the great breakfast!

  14. Happy 25th birthday, make the best of it!


  15. Hello :) my name is Emily I am from Venezuela… I love your web site and your outfits! I wish you the best today in your birthday, very good things and a excellent day Carolina :) Kisses and hugs! I like the photo :D

  16. Happy B*day!!! Lucky you…MOET nice! I wish u the best. Gretting from Mexico

  17. congrats baby…from mexico…feliz feliz cumpleaños a ti!!! have a preatty nice day princess you deserve!!!

  18. Congrats, that looks like a great start to the day :) I just turned 25 the other day :)

  19. aww so sweet >.< wonder who'd prepared the breakfast to begin with ;)
    and seriously?? Moet Chandon to start the day?? sure as classy and romantic there!
    anywayyys, wish you a beautiful day, Carolina =)
    all the merry wishes <3

    Style Hostess

  20. i’m your fan from Vietnam. HPBD ‘n best wishes for u, Carolina <3

  21. happy bday i loooove how you dress and your photos jaja i tell my mom that i want to be you ;)

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