Hair inspiration: The loose ponytail

Hair inspiration: Loose PonytailPictures via

When it comes to styling my hair in the morning, I like to keep things quick, effortless and under 5 minutes. So, when the models strutted down the runway sporting these perfectly imperfect, low-slung ponytails at the Michael Kors show yesterday, I was intrigued.

According to hairstylist Orlando Pita, the models were instructed to wash their hair the night before the show and sleep with it slightly damp to create a natural, fresh out of bed feel. In the morning, just pull some tousled strands into a loose ponytail and you’re good to go. Sounds low-maintenance enough for me!

Get the look:

36 thoughts on “Hair inspiration: The loose ponytail

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  3. Okay, that sweater is absolutely stunning. I love the color! And I’m thrilled that messy hair is a trend.

    xoxo, Debby

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  6. But if you’re gonna have a ponytail as low as the one in the picture you might as well leave your hair out. I like low ponytails but I can’t really pull it off cos my face is too round.:/

  7. I love the low slung, casual ponytail look, as I live pretty much outdoors, which is no exaggeration, by the way – I live on a nature preserve six months per year and in “Vansylvania”(meaning, I travel the southwest and live out of my van). Ponytails are a requirement for me, with long hair getting windblown daily. The look you found can be quite sexy, too, so long as one has the low-key swagger to compliment it!

  8. It looks cute however I think it looks good just on this girl. Probably very ugly for me.

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