106 thoughts on “Guess Denim Diaries

  1. too hot today!!!!! people around is dressed with summer clothes!!!!
    I write you because you like me a lot, i think you’re very beautiful, i love your hair and you looksa very nice girl but why don’t you wear summer clothes in august???? you have face and body for that!!!!!!!!
    by the way, how do you take care your hair????? it´s spectacular!!!!
    sorry for my english, it’s the worst…

  2. Reyes: Haha no, no you misunderstood, these pictures are for a FALL denim campaign for Guess, we shot these pictures over a month ago and they are meant as inspiration for fall! If I wore this today I would have died, haha.

  3. Love the denim! Looks amazing on you:) Especially with the red lipstick

    Personal Style: emmzielife.blogspot.com

  4. I love the styling of this shoot! I used to work at Guess, and to this day it is still my favorite job. That brand has such a fashionable yet relaxed vibe.

  5. Great post!! I love all the pictures and the video!! You look great in all the looks and very natural, also the collection of Guest for next season is great!!
    I enjoyed watching all the beautifull spots were you took these pictures!!I´ve recently moved to NY to study fashion at Parsons and I like to see cool places in the city.


  6. Muy buenos los estilos de Denim, me gustaron todas las fotos te ves muy natural y me encantó la Chaqueta roja :D

  7. Love these photos and the video of course. I must say, I’m a TOTAL Guess addict. I can not leave a store without buying anything so after this post I will probably go to the local store and buy some new pair of jeans ;) xx

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