40 thoughts on “sparkling green

  1. These are some of the best pictures of you I think! You look lovely! Your hair looks so nice like that!

  2. carolina…you look gorgeous as always

    that color of green is my favourite at the moment

    also…has anyone ever told you..that you look like blake lively from gossip girl??

  3. Wow, the color and cut of that jacket are great, and I love the sparkle. You dressed it perfectly with the tee shirt and the red lips. stunning!

  4. Hello Karolina!

    What else can I say?! I mean, your jacket is STUNNING!! Where did u get it?? Please, I’m so into it that I just have to know…
    Beautiful combination with the red lipstick, it’s HOT!


  5. Wow this is just perfect. :-) I love the pictures, the jacket, the red lips, the hair! You look so stunning. :-)

  6. carolina. dom här bilderna alltså. ja får ont i magen. du är så himla fin!!!!!! herregud!

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