Great things come in orange boxes

Hermès Box

Hermès Silk Bandana

As far as gifts go, I definitely have a weak spot for beautiful packaging and it doesn’t really get any better than Hermès gorgeous, bright orange boxes. This one contained the most beautiful, pale blue silk scarf, a gift from Mattias on our 8th anniversary last week. He sure knows how to make a girl happy! ;)

SCARF Hermès.

33 thoughts on “Great things come in orange boxes

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  3. The scarf is beautiful and all, but excuse me for NOT paying attention to that at all. There’s one other part of that post that made my “heart skip a beat”, as you say often in your posts. And that’s the 8 YEARS of you and Matias. I really really wish you the best, I think you are lucky to be living this, it makes me sad for myself (I had that relationship-thing and was taken away from me), but soooooo happy and full of hope for other young, mature people -like you-who choose a person and be with them for good. I admire you truly for that. Happy Aniversary. Spread that love. Worship it good.

  4. An Hermes scarf is one of the most beautiful and delicate things! love it!

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  5. Reminds me of one of he first books in the shoppoholic book series, where Becky borrows money from a stranger to buy a sea blue Hermes scarf… So dreamy! x

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