Good morning Firenze!

FIRENZE. OK, after the most nightmare like trip (litterally thought the plane was going to crash due to the insane storm in Zürich where I had my connecting flight), I FINALLY made it to Florence for the Luisa Via Roma event Firenze 4-ever!! So happy to be back again and of course reuniting with all my blogger friends. My boyfriend is flying in today so hopefully I’ll be able to post some outfit pictures tomorrow!

Now, the first thing I did this morning was a quick visit to the Céline store where I bought something I’ve been looking for everywhere, any guesses on what’s hiding in the bag? ;)

92 thoughts on “Good morning Firenze!

  1. Have been in Zürich yesterday myself (luckily not on a plane) – insane winds!! Thought it was going to blow the roof of the house off :-P Glad you made it to Firenze safely!

  2. hmm, maybe a little handbag? or a jewellery? or a wallet?
    well, obviously: i don’t have a clue ;-)
    xxx Anita

  3. Oh I love firenze!! Have fun over there!

    May I invite you to my giveaway?
    YSL or Prada perfume!


  4. I’m so happy that you’re alright, and I bet in that bag is something ultra fabulous! Just like you. ^.^


  5. I am quit excited now, Carolina!
    Please put us out of our misery soon and show some nice impressions! :)


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