Jacket, thrifted. Led Zeppelin tee, Urban Outfitters. Faux leather pants, H&M. Shoes, Minimarket.

GOLD. Wearing my new sparkly gold jacket that I found at a thrift store last week. It was love at first sight!

46 thoughts on “Gold

  1. I adore the gold jacket plus your led zeppelin tee.
    Love how the shoulders of the jacket have that volume to them. :)

  2. Rainer: Haha well, Obviously, my camera doesn’t take pictures that looks like this, I’ve added a couple of filters to make them look old and washed out because I love that look. If you find it horrible, well it sucks to be you! :)

  3. Marine: Thank you! I’ve added a couple of filters in my photo editing program that gives the photo an “antique” feeling :)

    juliet: Thanks, me too!:)

  4. Awesome!! Rocking the Zeppelin tee. I gotta say, Robert Plant had some pretty hot ass outfits back in the day! These pictures are really pretty :)

  5. Great article that informativeness. I have to follow your blog. Thank you so much for the post.

  6. hello, i am from china, i love your style. now, i want to do an interview(through e-mail)with you, and i sent you an e-mail in which there are details about this interview. please check that out, and tell me if you want to do the interview.THANKS!

  7. how cool that you have the same t-shirt as me…. once I saw it in London’ UO, I fell in love with it <3 like the way you matched it with the rest of the outfit :D

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