Eugenie Niarchos, photographer by Tommy Ton

GOLD. Those amazing Givenchy headbands keeps popping up everywhere, still love them!
And check out those awesome Ere by Repossi rings..

33 thoughts on “Gold

  1. the headband is amazing, I hope TopShop make a similar one as my Christmas budget will not be enough for an original :(

  2. wow, agree… amazing headband. i’m surprised it hasn’t been done before, what with the fashion worlds obsession with studs! xxx

  3. Hi! The Givenchy is gorgeous!

    I don’t like to spam, but I have amazing giveaway going on in my blog! Please check it out!

    juliet xxx

  4. Hi, I´m from Argentina. I´m totally shock about your website. I really love it, and I really like the way you look. I tell you, aht last year I went to Miami with my sister, actually we went to disney world, but we say a week Miami. I love USA. I want to be like you when I grow up, because I love fashion, and I take some of your outfits to wear here, but it´s a little impossible. Actually I hve 16 years old, but I´m going to study fashion. I saw that you go to Paris some time ago, I have to realise tha I envied, but a good envy, because I love whit all my heart france. Well, I wite a lot, sorry for my english. I will write again, if you doens´t matter.

  5. Love the gold rings, they are crazy beyond belief. And perfect ofcourse.

    P.S. I love your blog, have been reading it for a long time….only thing is I read it at work and cannot comment from there, so I decided it was time to say hello and thank you for the lovely material on your blog.

    Love it, and your style :)


  6. hey love, now this is a lot of movin, eh? ;)

    I kind of prefer the simple address anyways, it’s all yours, if you know what I mean.
    I hope you’re doing great, I feel so cut off from the blogosphere (=civilization, haha) and am glad to be back.
    and yes, I need this givenchy crown to free my inner queen of hearts.


  7. love that headband. it looks like a tribute to the statue of liberty!

    F <–2 girls bloggin fashion from nyc and chicago!

  8. Hi Carolina have you ever been told you look like the model Julia Oliv ? :)

    Love the headband! Love Givenchy!


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