Gina Tricot, fall 09




THE Jacket, boyfriend jeans, asymetrical grey longsleved t-shirt, denim vest & leather vest, all from Gina Tricot, pictures by me.

GINA. I went to Gina Tricot to have a look at their fall 09 collection earlier this morning and I must say I really liked it. I definitely need to buy the studded jacket when it hits the stores.

39 thoughts on “Gina Tricot, fall 09

  1. Ridiculous! That studded jacket is perfection. I’ve never heard of this designer before, but I will definitely look into it further.

  2. I absolutely love everything, the studded jacket is amazing, I love the jean, the tee shirt…. !!!!

  3. Love that leather vest! could totally picture myself rockin’ that look… too bad wil not be buying similar one, am SO BROKE:///

  4. whoa. that studded jacket is perfection… it’ll probably be seen on everyone next fall though, that’s the downside of gt treasures:=)

  5. i WANT to go there ! that shop seems sooo awesome and cool , i’m SO sad that estonia don’t have such an intresting brand as Gina Tricot

  6. Oh my god, it’s soooo lovely, what a shame I don’t live in Sweden or one of those other lands they sell it. Love your blog!

  7. I love perfectos like these!
    I saw a video of Dree Hemingway and she found an amazing purple one which looked fabulous on her.

  8. Ha i laughed at myself when i realised this was a high street chain

    ‘think H&M but cheaper’

    we should have gina tricot in the uk…so much better than topshop…our high street is so bad at the moment

    does it import

  9. wow. all of this stuff is awesome. especially the studded jacket. why oh why don’t they ship to the U.S.! lol.

  10. I’ve always had a bit of a thing for waist coats, denim and leather so this season has been joyful for me already! Great finds! :D x x

  11. i just bought a leather vest at Urban Today that looks just like that one! like exactly! and Planet Blue makes a lot of shirts that look like that asymmetrical one in all different colors.

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