59 thoughts on “friday night

  1. Jag ÄLSKAR din blogg, du måste vara en av världens finaste människor! hoppas det är lugnt att jag snodde två bilder på dej och la upp på min blogg (självklart skrev jag att de är härifrån) blir så jävla inspererad av din blogg! kramar!

  2. glad to see you back and looking amazing as always!
    that lace jacket is still one of my favorite things you have ever worn.

  3. Is your lace jacket by ‘Cachet’. It looks identical to my vintage cachet jacket, except mine’s beige, not ivory. I actually bought mine because I think your style is wicked and your so cool!!!!

  4. love that jacket! so cool. u just inspired me to do something w one of my lace vintage items!


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– two 20 somethings blogging fashion from NYC and Chicago!

  5. Oh dear, I love that lace jacket. I am always weary of wearing lace because when it’s done wrong, it looks awful. But this is perfection!

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