Friday I’m in love!





Crop top, Topshop. Flower Pants, Topshop. Sunnies, vintage Pucci. Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes.

FRIDAY. For some reason I feel like these vintage Pucci sunnies from the 70’s and my crazy flower power pants belong together. The Pucci’s might be 40 years their senior, but I think they’re a pretty awesome couple anyway!

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday, and in traditional follow friday spirit – follow me on twitter!

116 thoughts on “Friday I’m in love!

  1. Det är helt otroligt snyggt! Ge mig de byxorna, tröjan, skorna och brillorna så är jag klar för mig!

  2. I love your crazy shoes and your right the flower pants and the sunnies look like they belong together!!

  3. I love your crop top! Been to TopShop myself today. Gotta say the collection is beautiful (even better than Zara) esp. the knitting wears. xox

  4. Looks like someone had fun playing Dess up!!!! I love it!!!!!
    Flower power vive the 70’s!!!!!
    The sunnies looks great on you, I wish I could still wera mine, but France is kind of cold right now!!!
    Love your blog keep it up!!!!


  5. i just ADORE those shoes! wave been wanting them for ages, but too bad the price is so high, but they’re sure worth that much. amyways, would love to know what type of camera and lens you are using? :)

  6. Ahh I love the Litas & the 70’s vibe.
    You are so gorgeous :) Your trousers are super fun!

    style activist

  7. Hii! I just HAVE to say that you have to have the best blogg i’ve ever visited! Or the best blog in the world.
    Well that’s my point of view, but one thing that everybody have to confess is that you have an amazing style!!!

    It’s so sophisticated!

    (i’m from sweden, so sorry if i wrote something weird)


  8. <3 your blog.
    Are your Lita boots black calf leather or black distressed leather? On sole struck the calf ones seem more distressed which is very confusing to me xx

  9. so adorable. loving the the lita’s and cross with this outfit! I tried ordering them like a month ago but of course everyone is sold out in a 6!

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