CLOSED! Cambridge Satchel Giveaway!


GIVEAWAY. Since you guys seem to love this fluorescent baby as much as I do,
I decided to team up with Cambridge Satchel Company for a giveaway where one lucky reader can win a yellow fluoro satchel of their own!
All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. Like this post on facebook
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2. Follow me on twitter

3. Follow Cambridge Satchel Company on twitter

4. Leave a comment on this post with your twitter name and
your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

The competition has ended, the winner will be
announced Friday 13th!

1,891 thoughts on “CLOSED! Cambridge Satchel Giveaway!

  1. now that is a good giveaway! Love the fluoro satchel!

    @fashionmimi on twitter

  2. Hey you. I really love your Blog. I liked this post, I followed you on Twitter and I followed the Cambridge Satchel Company. My Twitter name is luisasieber. My Email Address is

  3. my twitter: @leightonolivia

    i love the color of the bag <3


  4. This is such a fabulous bag, the colour is quite breathtaking. Such an amazing give away. Whoever receives it is absolutely lucky!

    Twitter: @selenasalena

  5. LOVE IT!! :)
    Twitter: @RocksAndDaggers
    E-mail: charlotteahansen @ hotmail . com

  6. I need this for my wardrobe, pretty please! Fingers-crossed! @thefashforward xx

  7. OMG! Amazing give away! I have been trying to buy this bag but it is always out of stock! I deeply love it! Wish me, wish me luck! Love your blog! Have a fabulous week! xxx
    Belen Sanchez from Spain

  8. Omg,I want this bag so much! :)

    Twitter _Srdjana_

  9. This is exactaly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been lusting after one since your first post about it, but cant seem to get one in Canada, to win this would be a dream come true <3

  10. Tweeted @srobbo71 and liked on facebook – sue robinson mse. Love the bag x

  11. Wow, what a generous contest! Thanks for the chance!

    xx raez

    heybigtrender @ gmail . com

  12. After seeing this bag on your blog, I really want one of my own! My twitter name is @MaylianLuo

  13. twitter:

    cheers! im OBSESSED with these bags, and love your pairing it with a white blazer! so crisp.

  14. oh my goodness, my twitter is way out of date, but I can’t give up the opportunity for this bag. I can’t wear neon clothing, but I absolutely love neon accessories – my Blackberry case would match this bag perfectly, haha. I’m absolutely in LOVE. thanks a mill for the opportunity, your blog is lovely.

  15. my twitter name: michelleeeking

    love love love this bag to death!


    Thank You!!

  17. We venezuelans never win anything! So i’m really hoping the luck gets to me this time. Greetings from Caracas! My Twitter account is @patsulbaran and my e.mail Thank you for being democratic with fashion!

  18. I’ve been thinking about buying Cambridge Satchel since last yr,
    but I’ve been short on money, so I haven’t got one >.<
    Thanks for this great opportunity, hope I'll win this time!!
    twitter name: cjing1226

  19. i love to win this bag.
    please count me in.

    i dont have twitter account.
    hope u dont mind if i like your fanpage.


  20. LOVE this bag, and the crazy color! great giveaway :)

    TWITTER: Scorpiondisco


  21. Hey! i really love your blog, it’s actually awesome! :D my bestfriend showed it to me about one year ago and ever since, i’ve been addicted ;)hehe i’m already following you and the Cambridge Satchel Company on twitter…
    Twitter name: @ZeinaTheLion!/ZeinaTheLion

  22. as soon as i heard you were having this giveaway i jumped at the chance of winning!

    Remington Rebeil:
    facebook liked via Remy R.
    twitter following via Remington Rebeil (both you and cambridge satchel co).

  23. twitter name:ans_t

    OMG I can’t believe this.I am just speechless because my jaws are drop down.This must be the perfect giveaway and the ideal bag for none the less this season:)

  24. wow!!! i love this bag and the colour is very beautifull…

    my e-mail
    facebook name federica fazio
    this blog is very nice…compliments!!!

  25. My girlfriend has been dying to get one of those, so let’s hope she doesn’t spot me applying so I can give it as a present if I win ;)


  26. I wouln’t ever know about the Cambridge satchel bags if it wasn’t for you. Love them!

    Twitter user: @loreniap

    Great giveaway!!

  27. I died when I saw this! My heart honestly skipped a beat,
    All I can do is think about this bag! I even asked for it for
    my birthday, which is next week, but my mom said it was too
    expensive! Oh well, now I will have a 1 out of almost two-hundred
    chance of owning this bag, good thing I am optimistic :D

    Twitter: @thefutureispop

  28. Hmm, I reactivated my Twitter account just to enter this competition, what does that say about me?

    Twitter: YoshiXylophone

    Email: yy.amadeus @

  29. Wow that’s an amazing giveaway ! I really want the fluo yellow one but it’s impossible to get here ! So you’re pretty much my only chance. Please pick me !
    Twitter name: @aprettynest

  30. haha, whoops, forgot to leave my email! BTW still really excited about this!

    email: thefutureispop[at]
    twiter: @thefutureispop

  31. Wow This bag is great!


  32. Ahhhhh I’ve been craving for a Campbridge satchel since ages, but it’s still kinda beyond my budget. I’ve done all three, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed as hard as I can! :)

    twitter name: sarasownworld

  33. follow me @vanskii and my email is

    This satchel is to die for, I have an obsession with neon colors but this takes it to a whole other level! LOVE!!!

    Thanks for being so kind in giving this away!!


  34. Perfect for adding color to a monochrome outfit. x
    This can match my fluoro lipstick too! I love this bag!

  35. Email: dianawongphoto(@)
    Twitter: @dianatweets

    Crosses fingers.

  36. Loooove Cambridge Satchel Company, way before they became “famous” so I would definitely like to own one of those fine leather beauties

    twitter: @siuuuu

  37. twitter: @maxine_builder
    e-mail: mxnbldr13(at)gmail(dot)com

    that bag is to die for.

  38. Twitter: @raisaidonah
    email: xo[dot]raisa[at]yahoo[dot]ca

  39. hahahaha, i was just telling a colleague about this bag! love love love

    twitter: hairfolder

  40. HARLOW!!! PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!! =D i would really love to have this bag alot alot alot!!! i will use this bag till it breaks!!! =D

    Twitter- SammmOpphx
    Thank you~~~ ^-^

  41. THE ONE! Love IT!!! Have not been so obsessed with a satchel as I’ve been with this ONE!

  42. I saw all four neon colors on the Cambridge Satchel website and I must say that the yellow is most eye catching, yet versatile of them all. <3

  43. kisses from venezuelaaaaa
    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this bag i wannnnt it noow!!!!


    greatest giveaway

  44. Twitter: BOndrejik
    Email: Briannaondrejik[at]aol[dot]com

  45. Bright on.

    twitter: joypecknold
    email: joypecknold[at]gmail[dot]com

  46. I don’t think I’ve ever been active on your blog. But I just wanted to say you have a great site. I’ve been following you since I was 15 and nearly 20 now. So yeah, that’s all.

    p.s. Great choice of fluorescence <3

    twitter: HoneyBunny213

  47. Love you and the bag so much!!!

    Twitter: @jjamiechua
    Email: mapleleaf_jc{at}hotmail{dot}com

  48. i did everything!
    irinasas at yahoo dot com
    thanks! and you look great!

  49. my twitter name: lilieyeh
    my e-mail address:

    love this satchel so much!
    and thank you for posting so many amazing articles, very inspiring! :)

  50. Very cool!
    FriChic, frickys(at)gmail(dot)com

    P.S. Looking forward to meeting you at Linde on 31st ;)

  51. Best giveaway ever! Would love to walk around with this baby, it’s really nice!!
    Twitter name: 2708Lindsey

    lindsey92 (at)

  52. in LOVE! following you & Cambridge on Twitter, and liked on Facebook! Pick me :)

  53. OMG I would soooo love to win this bag. It`s gorgeous!
    Twitter: PiaOen

  54. Great giveaway!Lovely bag!I waaant.


  55. twitter:ceseache
    i love it so much!

  56. I love that bag!! It sould be mine :D
    Twitter name:buurjuva

  57. twitter @aargauerin
    email blonde_devile at

  58. I am so in love with this bag.Infact i’ve been eying this bag very lately&especially the color it’s so frigging Hot+fresh&yummy:)its an amazing giveaway!!.Too bad we don’t get in India:(xx

  59. twitter: vanjavrkic
    mail: vanja.vrkic (at)

    I love the 80s influence of these satchels. Cambridge Satchel company nailed it this season.
    Nude + fluo colors = winner!

    ♡ to you and CSC ♡

  60. I am so in love with this bag.Infact i’ve been eying this bag very lately&especially the color it’s so frigging Hot+fresh&yummy:)its an amazing giveaway!!.Too bad we don’t get in India:(xx
    Twitter:mercy odyuo

  61. Hi my twitter name is bigbernaone!
    love it .
    muuuuuch money

  62. love love that bag!!! eyeing that bag forever!

    twitter: esra_baysal


  63. Twitter- lbetty630

    Love love love the bag! The colour is great, hope I can win! (It will definitely brighten the cold winter days in Australia :))

  64. Created a twitter just for this! Twitter: @ChKrddor

    fingers crossed xo

  65. ahh this is my dream handbag! love your blog girl.
    my twitter is kelsxoxox

  66. unfortunately, not everyone is on twitter..
    and maybe an old school looking bag such as the satchel one shouldn’t either :)
    what do you say, dear carolina? :)
    good luck with your work!

  67. my twiiter is @hiimsyaza and my email is
    would absolutely love to win the satchel esp since im from a singapore where its really difficult to ship things over :/ love your sense of style and you are absolutely gorgeous

  68. Chance of winning has never been this small but still I’m giving this a shot!
    My Twitter is @Killditzie and my e-mail is in the mailbar above. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. twitter: brianasays
    e-mail: ebrianaabrams [at] gmail [dot] com


  70. Amazing Bag – I want want want!!!! :-)

    Twitter – @Cherisset12

  71. Between you, Style Scrapbook, The Blonde Salad and Chicmuse I think you make the prettiest and most fierce pictures! I love making them as my wallpaper on my phone and giving me inspiration! I soo love your style! Hoping to win!! :D
    your #1 fan in the Philippines

    Twitter ID: pantaleonv
    Email address:

  72. Love this satchels sooo all colours and sizes:) I promised one to myself when I successfully pass all my exams in June:) what a motivation;)

    twitter: tinavidic


    there’s got to be a first for everything right..? let me win this baby!

  74. LOVE that bag! No better accessory for this spring and summer!

  75. LOVE that bag! No better accessory for this spring and summer!


  76. Hi Carolina!!
    I already knew this brand and love it som much, you can’t imagine how much i’d love to have one as i couldn’t buy it until now!! And keep going with your posts and looks, your’re doing great! Greetings from paris :D
    twitter: blogdechouchou

  77. i was recently talking about how bummed i was that this bag was quikly soldout.
    i a not a big fan of bags, but the celine and cambridge satchel bags are my favorite! so i would love to win!!

    my twitter accountname;!/Nadisa1

  78. Ooooh!!! I wore something last week which made me go: “if only I had a fluorescent Cambridge satchel to go with this”!

    Twitter: @rouge_ration

  79. I’ve seen so many of these bags on my favorite blogs, and I totally fell in love with it.
    I’m studying for my exams of a school of higher general graduation right now,
    and this bag would be the best present in this hectic period.

    twittername: GoldenTerry

    Love the giveaway!



  80. love your blog and your giveaway at the same time :) i wish i am the lucky winner :D

  81. Twitter id: trackeygee

    I would really love for you to give me this handbag. I am currently working as a teacher and so I just needed a bag that can carry all the stuff I bring everyday.I hate boring outfits and so this fluorescent bag can can surely add a POP of color in my outfit=) btw, I just love yeeeeelloooooooooow =)
    Love this giveaway!


  82. hey, i don’t have twitter:( but can i join the competition anyway? i happen to LOVE that bag :D xx fanny

  83. Twitter: alexandrajasmin
    e-mail: alexandrajasmin[a]

  84. Love Your Blog and All The Amazing Looks, Advice, and Inspiration.
    I Love The Satchel and The Color is Breathtaking.

  85. twitter: WasabiStock

    Thats probably the best giveaway ever )))) Thank you for such a gift )))

  86. IN LOVEEEEE with this bag

    twitter : nicolemili75
    e-mail : nm.louisa[at]hotmail[dot]com

  87. My twitter username is @kathsaywhat and email ad is kardanganan (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    Hope I win! =)

  88. The bag is giving me heart palpitations. Love it. Twitter: LostInTheHeat Email: MKLivesey(at)

  89. Carolina – I am so glad you teamed up with Cambridge to do this awesome giveaway. You look fabulous with the bag, so fashion-forward and chic! You are a positive role model and inspiration to everyone in the blogging/follower community! xx

    twitter: sassy_babe1
    location: Canada

  90. Twitter: caro_cocio

    ps. When I try to follow Cambridge Satchel Company on Twitter, it says you have to be confirmed, so I just send a request and I hope it’s good enough :)

  91. Such a gorgeous bag- I’ve wanted it since I first laid eyes on it! Would be amazing to win :)
    My twitter name is shawna_hynes

  92. I’ve wanting a Cambridge Satchel for ages now! Such a cool giveaway! xx

    Mayflower3 (

  93. Amazing giveaway <3

    I'm Valechic on twitter and my email

    Crossing fingers!!!

  94. Love this bag!!!

  95. love the bag!
    twitter: @themarquessblog

  96. Twitter: LisaaaCharlotte
    mail: lisaa-skate” (replace the ” for an @)

  97. oh my God i couldn’t barely believe my eyes when i saw this giveaway!!
    i’m sooo in love with the bag especially the color is perfect. but unfortunately the bag isnt available in my country :(
    so i hope i win this one!
    followed you and cambridge satchel company on twitter :)

    my twitter name: vaniasamanta
    my email :

  98. Hi!!! LOVE this giveaway!!! Such an amazing bag!!! :D <3

    My twitter is: Divya_5

    My email is:

    Hugs and kisses

  99. i actually thought of saving up some money to buy the bag, how awesome would it be to actually win it =)
    twitter name is: viktoriamarton
    email is:

  100. I never take part in giveaways, but this bag is such a beauty so though I have no chance to win I’ll still give a try. It’s perfect! But the beauty doesn’t only come from the bag but the one carrying it, you’re just gorgeous Carolina :) Have been following your blog for a few years and still totally in love with it. I guess I’ll never get fed up with your blog or your impeccable style, keep it up! (My email btw

    xo Satu

  101. Love this gorgeous satchel, my email is and my twitter name is circlesunnies
    I really adore this blog, and a bright bag would make it feel like summer even in the rain xxxx

  102. Hi !
    I follow your blog since a long time, and that’s my first comment.
    I enjoy seeing your inspiration for each trend.
    @MllePoulet twitter

  103. Hi !
    I follow your blog since a long time, and that’s my first comment.
    I enjoy seeing your inspiration for each trend.
    @MllePoulet twitter
    I’ve forgotten my email:

  104. @corineahlr

    Will this be my lucky day?
    Great blog Carolina!

  105. and my email is klaraeklind@gmail.

  106. my twitter name is @moyo_sore and i would really really love to win this bag. I find it hard to discover unique pieces such as this one because we only have a few stores in houston and almost everyone shops at the same place. I would love to win this bag and i promise to sport it in a very fashionable manner lol. P.S. my email is thanks!

  107. twitter: @VicGonzalez86

  108. Twitter: Kichiii
    Email: kichimira (at)

    Tackar så mycket för the opportunity!

  109. Twitter: @fiona_fitzp
    Plus, you kinda have to give it to me as it is my 18th birthday on saturday!

  110. I LOVVVVEEEE these satchels! They are beautifully crafted and have the most AMAZING color!I would be thrilled to own one to tote around all of my camera gear in!!

  111. i love soooo much this bag<3
    i want it so bably<3

  112. Hi!

    Well my name is above, I’m from Holland. My twitter: @lo_wil
    and my email is :^)
    The first post I saw of you, was with your Cambridge bag. I showed it to all my friends and at that moment, I got addicted to your blog :)

    Keep going, good luck!

  113. I can’t tell you how excited I am right now. I’ve had my eyes on these satchels for ever. This is the best!

    Twitter: Ducki3CanTSwiM