Fluorescent satchel, Cambridge Satchel Company.

FLUO. My yellow fluo satchel just arrived, and when they say it’s bright they’re not kidding! Tried to photograph this bag over an hour but the color is impossible to catch, in real life, it’s almost painfully bright. I guess it’s just one of those bags you have to see in person to fully experience and appriciate it’s beauty, because it’s truly amazing!! Went for a smaller size this time (13″) and to Cambridge satchel company’s defense, the shipping + service was about 100% better this time, way to go! :) Will post the rest of the outfit tomorrow!

95 thoughts on “Fluorescent

  1. Wow, great – hard to believe that it would be even more amazing in real live. I like that you had your initials engraved, that makes it more personal.

    Reminds me of my bag! (The Kate Spade Essex Scout in a really BRIGHT NEON yellow).

  3. they have asos exclusives and there’s this gold/metallic and a vintage leather one which is really pretty! yours are great too, i wonder if they do initials if you don’t buy it directly from them?

    xx from hong kong :)

  4. woaw..what a color !!hmm I guess you right, you have to see it IRL..at picture Its very very ‘screamy*

  5. I love those, the colors are thank god painfully bright!

    Come by my giveaway and win a pair of TOMS!

    Love Despite color

  6. this is such a crazy colour! it’s so beautiful and bright!
    love LOVE love.


  7. It looks like it’s glowing! I’m sure you styled it perfectly but I’d love to wear that bag with all black!xx

  8. That bag seriously amazes me, I love, love, LOVE it!
    Truly the best way to express neon-love! ;)



  9. My colleague just showed me this bag which she bought over the last weekend, and there this is, I see it on your blog!

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