50 thoughts on “flowers + leather

  1. i am so in love with your blog*
    Its such amazing.
    Could you make something for me?
    Could you buy me a pair oh shoes from dinsko becuase i live in germany and here isnt one dinsko shop :(
    please answer me via mail:
    and exchange links?

    love lara

  2. i´d kill for that shoes ;)
    great look, no supersurprising combination, but always great to see!

  3. Det känns som du har blivit så skön på sistonde. Som du har vuxit som person och fått mer självdistans.

  4. Cool dress but the wedge of the boots is a bit too low and it would’ve been better with round toes..

  5. love the floral dress and the rope belt that you used! love the red lipstick and the wayfarers

  6. OR When “neo romantic” floral prints meet “Biker CHIC” inspiration, it composes such a sexy aesthetic cocktail placed under the sign of /Roaring gracefulness !!!

  7. alltså du är så sjukt jäkla snygg så jag vill inte se på dig.
    plus att den västen är perfekt.

  8. 1. floral and leather is the perfect combo.
    2. those boots are killing me.
    3. your hair always looks amazing, but for some reason, it looks extra-amazing here.

  9. I adore your blog. It’s a perfect mixture of travel, fashion and inspiration.
    This outfit inspires me for the coming-up season, the fall! I want to wear high, black leather shoes preferably with some metal details.
    Check out those! Think they will be the new favorites for the fall!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. are those boots comfortable? coz i want to get me some too by a friend and i am not sure whether they are comfortable or fit true to size….

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