Flowers in the rain


MILAN. Another outfit that I wore while I was in Milan working with Chiara and Andy on our upcoming project. Things are moving really fast right now and I can’t wait to tell you more about it, but for now, everything is very hush hush ;)

Anyways, I’m currently in Sicily enjoying tons of amazing food (apparently a little too much since the zipper of my pants broke last night, hahaha). Later today we’re off to Catania but right now I’m heading down to the beach to shock everyone with my paper pale body. Allora, ci vediamo dopo!






Monki shirt. Zara leather skirt. Zara heels. A.J Morgan sunnies. Zara Clutch.

103 thoughts on “Flowers in the rain

  1. I like the last pic the most. I like the white skirt blue top combo alot !

  2. You’re looking lovely! Great leather/flowers combination.
    I’ve also been in Sicily (twice) and Catania is a great city!
    You mustn’t forget to go to Brandy & Melville in Sicily. When you’re there, please buy some items for me too. ;)

  3. Looks great! That blouse is so lovely, and the shoes are super sexy and elegant! Looks like you’re having a good time, judging by the last photo :)

  4. Wow I love, love love the feeling in the first photo! Wonderful lights and that dimly lit, tranquil atmosphere which sometimes manages to exist at night… LOVE.

    Nice that you´re having a good time.

    xx from Finland

    Minna Cest

  5. wonderful outfit!
    cant wait any longer to see the results of your project ;)
    the pic of you girls walking is just PERFECT!

  6. you weren’t kidding when you said the silver Zara heels match everything. They definitely do!!!! Love them!

  7. You look so lovely as always!
    You must love that leopard clutch since I’ve seen it a few times on your blog.
    Well, I love it too! :)
    Good luck with the secret project and hope you have fun in Sicily!

    Sienna Rose
    x x

  8. Ah you look so chic and the three of you look like you are having a wonderful time. Love the top.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

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