48 thoughts on “flowers + denim

  1. your combination is absolutly beautiful. and the shoes, well, each time i see them, i can´t believe i also have a pair of them myself. the best shoes i´ve bought in a while.

  2. I really like you’re style! Where did you find the ring, with the black stone? I love it.

  3. I love the way you’ve rocked up the average floral dress with this denim vest
    You look awesome :)

  4. I would love to see the color of the dress, it looks awesome! Could you please post one of the pictures above with colors? :)

  5. you’re damn beautyful and i really like your style. wher did you get that awesome ring from?

  6. i love this outfit!!! i need to go out and buy something similar asap! its so cute! awesome blog!

  7. I’m startled. Your eyes look asian in that last paragraph. If your hair/brow is black, I can totally imagine you as a chic Chinese girl.

  8. You look amazing honey, you remind me so much of Blake Lively from gossip girl!

  9. Wow, vad fint! Jag älskar väskan och måste få vara lite fräck och fråga om den finns i butik nu?

  10. Love the whole outfit, I really adore floral dresses with denim waistcoats! Your shoes finish it off perfectly. x


  11. Linnéa: jag köpte den för någon månad sen men den tog typ slut direkt för jag har inte sett den sedan dess, men kolla på divided avdelningen på H&M hamngatan, det var där jag köpte min :)

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