Photos, Jamie Nelson. ( via 10thmuse)

SUMMER. Love, love, love these pictures and their retro vibe (and, of course, the red hair).
It makes me sick when I look out the window and realize just how far away summer is..

39 thoughts on “flowers

  1. ååh älskar verkligen den genomskinliga blusen på den näst nedersta bilden! jätte härliga bilder!

  2. I looked outside and saw white, and then I see these breath taking pictures… It is sad.
    But I love the retro vibe also, it is so great! =D

  3. That’s so strange, I came across this shoot today too! On Jamie’s agency website. Love her work.

  4. these shots were used for oyster magazine issue 83 -“outsiders” the glasses are amazing i’m pretty sure their mercura. Today is extremely warm and summery in Australia no clouds and 40’c.

  5. lovely pics…

    i´ve seen from the previous post that you are thinking about getting your hair red…I have to admit that idea has been in my mind for a long time…red is so trendy right now… red hair is taking over the world…and every time I see a girl with red hair in any magazine (they are everywhere…) I feel the need to follow their steps…but then I remind myself that it might not be the best idea considering that I´ve been dying my hair blonde for a year now and I guess this is the colour that suits me better…

    but oh how I wish I could have my hair like that for at least a day…

  6. That’s so funny because I am in California and hating that it’s “winter” but 75 degrees out! We’ve gotten about 2 weeks of rain and that’s it…I long to wear my furs, boots, heavy coats and scarves but it’s just too warm.

    I guess the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” is true ;)

  7. These photos are stunning! Everything about these images makes me feel dreamy. I live in Hawaii, so these beautiful bits of inspiration just make me want to dress up and play outside!

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