SWEET. One of my new years resolutions is to add some color to my wardrobe. Found this adorable floral sweater at H&M today, and knew I had to get it.
I absolutely love the pattern and the puffy shoulders. Can’t wait for spring to arrive!

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  1. Wow what a beautiful sweater. I always attempt to add color to my wardrobe but somehow always end up buying grey, black or white/cream >.<

  2. aww! jag stod och klämmde på den idag. men den kändes lite too colorish för mig som annarst bara går runt i svart, grått och vitt. men nu ångrar jag mig. du var ju fan snyggast!!

  3. i know i won’t be able to add any color to my wardrobe (as a new year’s resolution)…but damn i love this sweater! looks perfect on you

  4. i love this sweater. i wanted it too when i tried it one, it’s so flattering. i’m saving my cash otherwise i’d have bought it too. happy new year lovely!

  5. I really like the shoulders and the print. I love florals. I can’t wait to not have to wear my big coat in spring.

  6. 1 Januari (i morgon alltså)öppnar två trevliga flickor en nya secondhand-shop. Anledningen är den att de vill uppmuntra oss att köpa mer secondhand för att värna om miljön! Ta en titt, det finns mycket snyggt till bra priser!

    Vad skadar det att bara titta in. Du borde ge secondhand-shoppen en chans.

  7. wow! your new sweater looks awesome i love the colors and patterns, and i like your resolution for new year, i need some color to my wardrobe too, i have well my favorites colors are black, white , black and grey, so almost all my closet are for that colors hahaah!

    happy new year for you , best wishes.

  8. please, ckeck your e-mail.
    I’m an editor of South Korean Fashion magazine ‘CeCi’, Shin-ae Kim. Korean readers wanted to know about you. I will be waiting for your answers.
    happy new year!

  9. i love the puffy sleeves and color.
    some people would not wear two extreme at a time but
    i think it’s beautiful. :)

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