flower power

picture by Mattias Swenson

THE SKIRT. I bought this skirt at H&M ages ago but never really got around wearing it. It’s been hanging in the back of my closet for years so last week when I sold a bunch of clothes at a yard sale I brought it with me to try and find a new, loving home for it. When it still wasn’t sold at the end of the day I took it as a sign from above and brought it back home with me, and I’m very happy I did!! Isn’t it interesting how sometimes you do the best finds in your own closet?

H&M skirt + leather vest (both oldies)

115 thoughts on “flower power

  1. hahaha.indeed!!
    sometimes the best treasures are captured
    somewhere between the last drawers
    of your closet!!!!

  2. girl, I have to say you are a true inspiration for me in terms of blogging and style!! I absolutely fancy everything that you do here :) maybe someday you’ll stumble upon my modest and new-born blog..i’ll be thrilled to have you here: http://shesconstance.blogspot.ro/ wish you the best of luck! and yeah, this skirt is a keeper! cheers

  3. I like the color of it, because it goes with the jacket so well!! And just I do love everything of this post!

  4. Cute shorts! And I love when you find things in your closet that you forget you had. They become like new again!

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