floral madness

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

FINALLY got my hands on this full floral look! I fell head over heels in love with it when I got to see a preview a while ago and have been on a mad hunt for it since. Managed to snag the pants 2 weeks ago but the jacket was nowhere to be seen, until the other day when my friend Sania gave it to me as a belated birthday gift!! Huge thanks babe, I love it!

H&M jacket + pants. ZARA knit. WERELSE FOR MANGO TOUCH heels. AMERICAN APPAREL bag. CÉLINE sunglasses.


218 thoughts on “floral madness

  1. the floral jacket and pants are amazing, and you look fab as per se!

  2. Jag AVGUDAR kläderna! (och diggar clutchen starkt!). är sååå sugen på att klicka hem byxorna från hm.com!! :D

  3. Oh God! Seriously like a few minutes ago I decided I gotta buy those H&M pants and now I’m looking at your new outfit… it’s amazing! Totally love it!

  4. Love the outfit as a suit, the ombres come together and blend… fab choice of colors with the knit and clutch, Carolina! But what else can we expect from you ;)


  5. Love the detail matching of the clothes and the shoes!! Can’t wait for mango touch collection to come out! :)

  6. Love these floral prints!!!

  7. Looove this!I was in the hunt,too,but didn’t buy it.I found the jacket,but didn’t want it without the pants.Now I’m a little bit sorry I didn’t buy it:) Love how you combined everything perfectly!

  8. I think floral suits are a really cute idea! I’d love to see a short suit in a multicolor, ditsy floral print come out. Maybe I should make one…


  9. A wonderful spring look! The bag and pumps are perfect accessories for this fun outfit. Makes me think about going out to get something floral!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  10. Love the floral prints that everyone has been rocking! Especially this one, I like the yellow gradient fade!

  11. I love the floral look as well! I’m having a hard time convincing my boyfriend to get used to me following this new trend, but he’ll get used soon, as I simply LOVE IT!! I just bought the same set on hm.com, with a voucher that I got at missisidor.se.

  12. Not really what I would wear, not my style.. But it looks SO DAMN GOOD on you! LOVE your style! xx from Uppsala ;)

  13. Never seen this floral neon jacket before! would love to see it paired with a mini.
    Funny enough I’m also wearing neon yellow and black today :)

    Tina D.




  14. haha :)) I bought that jacket 2 days ago and I tried it in the store just like you are dressed..the pants+the jacket :)) and I am planning to put my hands on that pair of pants soon because I didn’t had enough money with me :D! love your look. when I tried them I imagined myself wearing them togheter :)) hahaha funny

  15. Very nice pattern! I love the yellow one between black ones!! Lovely [and funny]!



  16. now that’s a print outfit!! gorgeous! u look like a proper editor of some huge fashion magazine! it’s got the perfect blend of authority and femininity all rolled up in one. u rocked this better than the H&M model ads! xx


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