135 thoughts on “Firenze photo diary

  1. Crystals and diamantes! Great shocker heels there ;)
    I’m really liking the stuff you’ve been posting lately.
    it’s really nice to share the lovely experience you had in the Firenze event over to everyone =) thanks!! now I’m feeling a bit glam. hehe^^

    Style Hostess

  2. I love B/N pictures and the ones you’re ahsowing us are amazing. But I do beive that some of them would have looked more beautiful in colour (for instance the ones of the night dinner with the candles…)
    BTW I would be glad if you could have a look to my blog and give me your opinion. That would mean a lot to me!!


  3. lovely photos, looks like you had a real good time!
    I love the pic you choke andi, what did she do ?:P
    have a great weekend!


  4. Ohhh, my… these pictures – and you girls! – are so beautiful. I love the feeling, it’s coming right through the pictures

  5. My favorite bloggers I love u girls u are my inspiration


    Follow my blog :)

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