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Cape dress, Richard Nicoll. Shoes, Casadei. Photos: Mattias Swenson.

CAPE DRESS. Another divine creation I had the privilege to play around with at the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4ever event was this beautiful cape dress by Richard Nicoll! Had so much fun running back and forth the old square like batman, (even though I got a couple of weird looks from italians that were all bundled up in warm layers).

132 thoughts on “feeling blue

  1. Love the fushia lip teamed with those AMAZING SHOES. That cape piece is delightful, you work it well. X

  2. While looking at these photos and seeing the fully dressed people in the background I was wondering how cold you must have been, but then again if I had that dress on I would have probably done the same thing regardless.

  3. Love this cape dress! I was definitely thinking of Batman in some of the photos ;) Especially love the pop of hot pink on your feet!

  4. There’s something magical about this dress! First of all, it looks incredible but the way you wear it and the way it moves fascinates me. I also like the fact that the cape isn’t entirely ironed/pressed which gives it a more bat like effect. What a fantastic piece!

    Cup of Fashion

  5. You’re stunning!!!
    I love the picture William took of you!
    Happy to see you in Florence,we spent a wonderful night thanks to Luisaviaroma!
    I hope to see you soon!

    Maria Vittoria

  6. really…you just took my breath away…fantastic photos…and i’m astonished that you can actually take this awesome-y photos in public…just great…and i love your pink platforms…!!!!

  7. There’s something really, really magical about a cape + dress with so much movement and character. It is as if the dress is a character in its own story, and you its supporting actress. You look amazing. I love the deep plunge and the neutral tone with the pink shoes and lipstick. Brilliant!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  8. I’m so in love with your blog!!! This look is STUNNING, and you take some amazing pics! They would’ve had to pry that dress out of my hands!

  9. lovely. I like how you played with walking around and atleast do something with the clothing. lovely:) haha.. I bet you got some weird looks when you were strolling around with bare legs! so pretty:)

  10. lovely post, i love capes and shades of blue are coming thru so strong for spring, ace ace ace xx

  11. oh my god, that dress is the shit!
    I bet you didn’t get to keeping that one either, would have broken my heart to part with this baby.
    other than that you look lush, I love how bold you’ve gotten with your make-up, I still feel like a 14-year old when it comes to my beauty routine.


  12. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥you are soooooo gorgeous!nice lip color,lovely shoes and awesome dress!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. I’ve been following your site for a couple of years now. You have great style! This post would be so much prettier if your team would have steamed your cape and dress.

  14. wow that cape dress is a beaut! love how you paired it with those pink pumps!

  15. I think your blog just became my favourite ! :)
    (don’t change please, i just love it)

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