160 thoughts on “Feeling blue

  1. the necklace and the sweater are pure perfection!!i cant wait to see them worn by you.
    plus i really want to thank you for showing us ways to wear the NAVAJO pants.

  2. Oh I love this photo. Last summer I was obsessed with this shade of blue and I made many purchases in that colour as well as reviving blue items that I had bought in the past. However, for winter I decided to opt for a darker pallet of garnet red x

  3. Love this photo! So fun seeing all the color everyone’s got on the blog, it’s making me so excited for Spring!

  4. I love blue. It reminds me so much of the sea. And the sea is like summer. God, I miss this season! Keep me updated with summer-like looks :)

  5. Amazing, just a perfect colour palette for spring! The shoes are incredible and the jumper looks perfect


  6. Nice!! I love the blue!!! I want to see that amazing heels in a new post!!


  7. I’ve been into blue and teal for my home and not really for my wardrobe but the use of both colors on the Acne heels combined with raw silk is just so completely beautiful!

  8. I adore the bright powerful blue shades! I’ve been boring myself with pastels, all my recent purchases have been easter colored skinnys! Have a great day!

  9. hahaha me too, the last 12 things I bought were blue and I wore the colour three days in a row

  10. Love this color…..see a silk scarve in the autum-winter collection of Stephanie Hadrath
    Blog : stephaniehadrath.blogspot.com

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