featured in Plaza Kvinna

LOVE. I did an interview for swedish magazine Plaza Kvinna a couple of weeks ago and now the issue is finally out!  My first thought when I opened the magazine was something along the lines of “holy sh*t that’s a big ass picture!!”. But after reading the first couple of lines it hit me how far this blog has traveled from when I started it 6 years ago. On wednesday to be exact, it’s my blog’s six year anniversary and I can not thank you guys enough for continuing to follow me on this journey, it really means the world to me!


108 thoughts on “featured in Plaza Kvinna

  1. Congratulations on both the interview
    And the blog’s birthday!
    Keep on keeping on ;)
    Happy holidays

  2. 6 years sure is a really long time Carolina. I have seen your earlier posts.
    your blog has really moved up a lot. now to magazines and press clippings :D congratulations!
    yeap, that’s one big as picture. I’d be massively content haha^^


    Style Hostess

  3. Very nice feature! Wow six years is already a long time, you have come very far and have been an example for me! I have started to blog over a month ago, at the moment it’s just a simple blog but over time I hope to grow and to be more professional! You should be very proud of yourself!! Congrats with the anniversary!

    Xoxo lorena


  4. Congrats!! You’re one of my faveorute blogs.. Keep on inspiring us with your lovely posts…


  5. Well done dear! You deserve every bit of success you had through all those six years! I wish you all the best!

  6. Congratulations on both the interview
    And the blog’s birthday!
    Keep on like this, you’re an inspiration! <3

  7. Congratulations !! You just deserve it, work hard on it ! & The final result is incredible each time. (& the big photo is pretty cool haha no worry)



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