featured in Lucky magazine

carolina engman lucky magazinePhotographer: Patric Shaw. Styling: Eleanor Strauss. Makeup: Regina Harris. Hair: Rick Haylor.

LUCKY. A couple of weeks ago I did a photoshoot for Lucky Magazine together with Leandra and Emily and now the issue featuring the ‘It girls, it bags’ editorial is finally out. Huge thanks to the lovely people at Lucky Magazine for such a fun experience, loved the insane Miu Miu skirt I got to wear for the shoot!

67 thoughts on “featured in Lucky magazine

  1. how exciting! although, i must say, you’ve done a way better job at putting together the pics than the magazine have x

  2. You look fab girl! That skirt, those shoes, they’re divine! You are totally a fashion goddess that is fit to be featured in magazines. You carry yourself well and you look good in everything that you wear. Love what you did to your hair and make-up too! The overall look is just amazing.

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