Suede skirt, vintage. Feather blouse, Vintage. Cross necklace, vintage. Hat, H&M. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell. Botkier bag.

SUEDE. Found this awesome suede skirt in a random thrift store in Hollywood for 10 bucks, gotta love a good bargain!
If you only knew how much I miss LA and the sun when I see these pictures..

105 thoughts on “feathers/suede

  1. ahh, these photos make me yearn for los angeles weather and shopping! miss ya and can’t wait for nyfw. x

  2. Helloo.. i find this look absolutley beautiful and chic ..i like the way that the blouse, skirt and the bouts combined in a very subtle way.. you look very beautiful and love the pics!!



  3. unreal. you look amazing. i love the sunglasses with this look. how do you look so retro but at the same time your not costumey? well done.

  4. i know its been totally beautiful and sunny here in la la land. im loooving it.

    xx, jasmin

  5. I’m a little over the Jeffrey Campbells, but the suede skirt rocks. It’s rockabilly all the way.

  6. I think there’s nothing more than a great word to say that
    this is so YOU
    just by the look of things and outfits if we can think of someone right away, then that means you are a true icon
    and I believe you have :)

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  7. the second picture is the most beautiful thing i’ve seen lately. i’m in love! your suede skirt, the blouse, hat and sunglasses… perfectiooonnn!

  8. I love this outfit! Very Topshop. I wish it was sunny enough in England to wear sunglasses like these, but sadly it’s not- I even spotted a few snowflakes this morning! Your outfit is inspiring me for when it gets warmer though xxx

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