44 thoughts on “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

  1. Not very ingenious

    Vogue France, Emmanuelle Alt…^^

  2. Hahahah god I love this so much.

    And sigh, now I must go buy Vogue Paris. I hate/love when the issue is so good I’m not satisfied with just viewing it on tFS.

  3. I couldn’t decide should I write “that is way too cool!” or “that is so cool!” so I writed that is way sooooo cool… yeah.

  4. Nice blog.

    Arrgh, 3 of those photos bugs me cuz the girl looks like she is about to hit the guy and the guy looks like he already got hit, and the girl looks awkward in one of them. I’ve watched way too many martial arts / action movies and that really bugs me…

    -martial art fanatic

  5. Nice. Nice. Well, actually not nice, but noice (say out loud, it’s a “Kath and Kim” reference – very Oz). And what about that jacket, the one at the Easy Rest Inn? Love. Love. Love.

  6. duh this is emmanuelle. loveee it, but not as much as i love the title of this post. so fitting

  7. i love the illustration on your banner ; did you do it ??
    your your blog too its a pleasure to come and visit !

    sorry for my english !!

    a bientot !


  8. This reminds me of something I would see on ANTM, except this model does it well as oppose to.. er.. nvmd. Great pics!

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