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Kimono, Vintage. Tee, Marlene Birger. Pants, Whyred. Fish bag, vintage. Cross Necklace, vintage.

NY. Went to a Tory Burch lunch at the Standard Grill last week with Chantal from Cocorosa and Vanessa from the Haute Pursuit. Had the most insane french fries ever, saw Mick Jagger & l’wrenn Scott passing by, found the most gorgeous bag at the Tory Burch store and got about a gazillion comments on my beloved fish clutch (which by the way is an awesome ice breaker).

Even though I missed all the shows I wanted to go to due to meetings and just moving around/trying to find an apartment, the best part of fashion week really is being able to hang out with old and new friends from all across the world for one week!

65 thoughts on “fashionsquad + cocorosa + thehautepursuit

  1. Hey, you look gorgeous, you mixed the clothes so well. With the Kimono and its pattern others would probably pick a classic bag, you picked a fish – how awesome!
    I was at fashion week too, it was fun, I took like a million pictures.
    Did you find an appartment? When do you move?

  2. You guys look amazing and like you had fun!
    How’s new york going? hope you’re totally loving it, I know i wanna go!

  3. bet you guys had fun together! greetings from all the way from Finland to my dear co-bloggers – keep posting darlings :)

  4. Such a pretty picture! Very cute little purse. It seems everyone had more fun just hanging out this year whether it was on purpose or not.

  5. Its so cute that the fish is smiling. I can imagine it makes any outfit a little less serious and a little more fun;) Total ice breaker.

  6. i absolutely love this pic of you guys! wish i would’ve been there to enjoy all of the fun :( and lol at your fish clutch; it’s probably the best ice breaker ever!

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