Fashionista of the Year!


CHIC. Remember back in may when I was nominated for ‘Fashionista of the Year’ in the Swedish magazine CHIC’s annual award? Well, on Wednesday evening the award ceremony took place, and I won!!!

Now, remember that shoot I did where they gave me the most insane disco hair? It was for the latest issue of Chic where I’m on the cover together with swedish popstar September! Sooo surreal to see myself on a cover, something I truly never thought would happen (especially not with a gigantic afro) but it only proves that anything is possible! Huge thanks to everyone who voted, I truly have the most amazing readers and your support means the world to me!!





at the Chic awards with the winners of the other categories


hair & makeup for the cover shoot


backstage with Petra “September” Marklund



the cover + the fold out which is a behind the scenes snap!

135 thoughts on “Fashionista of the Year!

  1. wow, AMAZING!
    Congrats! You really deserve it!
    You’re always looking perfect, and your outfits are giving me só much inspiration!
    I hope you’ll be blogging for years and years!

  2. congrats dear – you reallyreally deserve it!
    by the way: your fancy curly hair truly makes me go yay. you look absolutely brilliant!

    xx //

  3. Congrats!!!!!! that is really amazing.
    btw i love the hair <3! in the magazine, curls&more curls!!!

  4. Yay, you won :D I don’t know who was nominated with you but I’m sure you totally deserved it. You always seem so nice and your outfits are flawless :)
    Your cover loos amazing. And the hair is just … Wow :-O

  5. Hello, been lurking around for a while but now I want to say Congratulations! You deserve it and somehow, you are the only one looking really happy on the group shot :)
    I especially love the very first photo in this post, so cute!


  6. Congratulation ! You look amazing ! Iam so happy for you ! please visit my blog and if you like it become a member <3 i already follow you because i really like your blog and love reading it ! So It would be a great honour for me ! xo and lovely greetings from berlin <3 nadine from

  7. congrats! No. 2 in the line up at the chic awards looks really envious of No. 1 haha

  8. Congrats! You look beyond amaze in the photos and u r terribly chic !!!!’

    Xx Andie

  9. congrats!!! but when are we going to get the link to your webshop? you promised last week :'(

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