Fancy pants








Cashmere sweater, Uniqlo. Flowy pants, Topshop. Bag, Miu Miu. Vintage Pucci Sunnies, WGACA. Scarf, Zara.

FLOWY. It’s official, fall has finally hit New York and I’m loving every second of it. Hello hot chocolate and cozy cashmere sweaters, I’ve missed you! And hello amazing flowy-floral-hippie-pants, where have you been all my life?!

85 thoughts on “Fancy pants

  1. I can’t believe those are pants! I swear i thought it was a maxi! i can honestly imagine how comfortable they must feel! amazing!

  2. I really thought those were a Maxi skirt to begin. I was wrong. Interesting though. Not sure how much I could handle the billowing around the legs though I guess it depends how windy it is.

  3. Those pants are fancy indeed, at first sight, thought they were a skirt ..
    LOVE the print, and the way you combined with a leopard printed scarf, bold, but lovely!


  4. the way the wind plays with your outfit is so beautiful! and especially love the pic where you’re smiling :)

  5. you look great in you flowy large pieces. love the leopard dress and these pants!!
    have fun gurl

  6. Those pants are just too good to be true!!! I’m gonna look for something like that in India where I’m going in the end of this week! Such a great inspirational outfit!

  7. My favorite outfit yet!! Love the pants…totally your style!! i love how you’re so unique and put together interesting outfits no one else would think of. Yet it still looks amazing. That’s the definition of inspiration!

  8. When are you going write the travel tips for SF…
    maybe as well as NYC…

  9. wow this seriously is the epitome of chic!! i adore every piece of your outfit. so beautifully flowy :). now following your blog <3.

  10. Jeeez, you look gorgeous. How come that I look “weird” when I try something out lie patterned pants or something? And you it looks, as if it has always been there.

  11. Love that outfit! i really like the mix of patterns!
    Your blog is very inspiring and i really like your pictures!

  12. awesome outfit! i love the bold pattern pairing.
    is ur red bracelet from persona?

  13. I love your outfit so much that I actually ordered the pants on Topshop website minutes after I read your post… first time I order a piece of garment on a whim like this! And it’s all because of your blog, so thank you :-)) Congratulations on your great blog by the way!
    Anna from Montreal

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