17 thoughts on “Erin Wasson for RVCA

  1. Amazing!

    I love the clean attitude of the clothes. Only black and white and denim. Loveable.

    And the shoes, oh my god, they are beautiful, perfect.

    I felt in love. Absolutely!

  2. oh goodness it’s incredible how everything she touches turns out to be simply amazing! i’ve got a huge crush on the first two outfits in the second picture [ uh, complicated ;) ] <3

  3. hmmm, do u have to design these clothes? as far as i know that is just the ‘hipster-uniform’….

  4. I want everything. EVERY SINGLE THING.

    Why can’t I have it all?

    Owww its hurting owwww it hurts.

    Erin Wasson is my hero.

  5. wow! the very very very skinny platinablonde girl on the last picture lives in my town, jönköping? sweden? If her name is Emma, right? :o

  6. Visst är det snyggt. Men det är redan så gjort, det är som om hon rippat hela sin och sina vänners garderob. Det skulle lika gärna kunna vara en Alexander Wang kollektion. Jag är så trött på diverse kändisar som “designar” fast de inte alls är skillade.

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