Emotional Roller Coaster


Pictures, me. From earlier this year when I first discovered these beauties.

Talk about emotional roller coaster today. Sales are bad for your health, trust me.


08:40 Enters NK’s annual summer sale, find Minimarket’s zipper boots on sale, 50 % off! mood: super excited.

10:00 – Drops by Acne, find the shoes that has kept me sleepless for the last couple of months, (the box shoes).
mood: if possible, even more excited.

10:01 – they’re on sale for half of the original price. Jumps up and down of joy, only to find out that they only have them in sizes 37 and 40 (I’m a 38/39). mood: depressed

10:02 – Runs to the nearest shoe store in a desperate attempt to find an extra pair of soles to make the damn shoes fit better. mood: hopeful.

10:05 – Returns to the Acne Store. They’re still too big. In fact, way too big. mood: semi-hysterical

10:07 – Runs back to the shoe store to find heel grips. mood: completely hysterical

10:10 – Comes back to the Acne store, put in the heel grips, close my eyes and jump in the shoes and… they’re.still.too.big. Calls boyfriend hoping for: a pep talk to buy them anyway, gets: unwanted words of wisdom. (aka. Don’t buy them, are you insane?!). Try to shove my feet into the size 37 pair in a last desperate attempt – mission impossible. Leaves the store with death wish. mood: suicidal

11:30 – Stops by Zara for some comfort shopping. finds a beautiful blouse(50% off), an awesome pair of heels and a pair of basic black denim shorts. mood: actually kind of happy.

16:00 – stumbles home completely exhausted. Realize I have forgotten to eat. Grabs a chocolate bar and some orange juice. Zones out in front of the computer. Torture myself for a couple of hours by looking at pictures of Acne’s box shoes and various happy owners. mood: dead

19:00 – Comes to life again, gently unwrap the Minimarket zipper boots, cuddle with them for a while and realize life is actually pretty good, even though I didn’t get the Acne boots. Mood: Happy, almost satisfied.

19:02 – discovers a giant rip inside one of the Minimarket shoes (not a scratch, actually a hole) and now,
I kinda feel suicidal again.

25 thoughts on “Emotional Roller Coaster

  1. Aw darling! I can’t believe after all that there’s a hole in your minimarket shoes? I hope they are still wearable! They’re so beautiful! xx

  2. Hahahaha, I completely feel with you on those Acne boots. Gorgeous! I ordered a pair of these Acne shoes I wanted recently from online, a size too big (hopeful as well), and then had the manager call me and say someone had stained them with their jeans and they were the last pair. :( But hey look at the bright side, the minimarkets ARE great!

  3. guess what?!!! here’s some good news for you—-> Aldo this fall is coming out with a TO DIE for pair: they are the exact same as these only the toe is pointy and they have two layers of leather at the toe ie: Margiela knocks. I PROMISE you you will LOVE them!! when i saw them in the styiist’s room of the magazine i work at , i nearly died, proclaimed my love for them/need to have them and then mentioned how you would love them! Myself and another girl i work with follow your blog.

    SO- check Aldo in late August/September!


    lucky you! where can i buy them in paris ??

  5. jag såg dig på nk, du såg så glamorös med din orkester jacka samt knappandes på en iphone eller liknande (-:

  6. Haha, what a great read. I can totally feel your pain…I’m going sale shopping on thursday, let’s hope I will get as lucky as you did with those amazing zipper wedges (even though they have a rip =( ). Wish you lots of luck hunting down the Acne shoes!

  7. If it’s any consolation the boots you were able to buy were so definitly the best pair out of the two! :D

  8. Aw, poor you. That has to be the worst feeling ever. But don’t worry, those shoes will come to you. Probably when you least expect it to.

  9. haha!! I am sorry, my first response is to laugh because I know EXACTLY how you feel! haha I feel like you have just accurately described every shoe fanatics’ shoe sale size desperation. I LOVE the part where you call your BF for moral support because I do the SAME exact thing and both of our bfs give us the unwanted “are you crazy??” Great entry. It’s really well written because I can actually feel (and re-feel my own experiences) your anguish and completely self inflicted exasperation, which is really amazing because I know English is your 2nd language. Thanks for the great read! xx

  10. Oh that sounds so stressful. The zipper boots are so amazing – I hope they can be fixed x Sushi

  11. I feel so sorry for you, but if it was up for me, I would have bought them anways, stuffed them with cotton and wore them
    I won’t a miss a pair of shoes like these for the world!

  12. I have totally lived this exact story, including the calls to my boy and the discovery of the hole. hysterical.

  13. Ah, så kjipt å få vite at de har Acne Box i min størrelse ON SALE hos deg, og for meg er de umulig å få tak i…

  14. hej! hur mycket kostade blusen? finns den fortfarande kvar?

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