EMILY CHO medium matise floral blue printed leather clutch. TOPSHOP heart sunglasses.

LOVE. I’ve been obsessed with this bag ever since I first laid my eyes on it and last week I finally managed to track it down at awesome german webshop Styligion. Today it arrived and it might very well be the most beautiful piece ever created,
I simply can’t stop staring at it!!

114 thoughts on “EMILY CHO

  1. Wall, that’s a copy of McQueen’s Mantha…get the original!

  2. Lara: The shape is similar but the style of this one is much more simple, I hate the ugly big studs that some of the mcqueen manta’s has in the front and I LOVE the print of this one!

  3. I’m in LOVE with this bag, and it keeps popping up EVERYWHERE!!! (Gossip Girl, other shows, online…) I think it’s a sign that I need it, somehow!

    XO Sahra

  4. Honestly that has to be one of the most amazing clutches I have seen in my LIFE! <3



  6. Although the pattern is beautiful, the shape is too McQueen. On second thought the pattern is too Erdem.
    I mean for that price- someone expects at least originality-if not the highest quality materials.
    Beautiful but still a rip-off.

  7. Zoe: Yep the shape is definitely similar to the de-manta but the proportions are different, de-manta is more compact and has studs in the front that I really don’t like + the print on this one is _amazing_! I’d pick the Emily Cho one over the de-manta any day! It’s made out of calf leather which I personally would not call a low quality material, it usually ages beautifully!:)

  8. Carolina, no doubt this is a beautiful clutch – and probably of good quality (what i meant earlier is that sometimes the price tag does not match the quality of the materials – we all have examples of that, so at least if you do not pay for the quality, at least pay for the ”artist’s” work).
    I would never buy this clutch, as it really reminds me the McQueen one.
    It just make me wonder, why the designer did not go for an original shape, or a more classic plain one, instead he went for a well established and recognizable design.

    I hope you enjoy it the most! Since you love it, no one’s opinion matters, but it still makes me wonder!

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