Emerald city

aurora sansone, green coat, green pants, streetstyle, grass

GO GREEN. Every season I always try to invest in a few key pieces in bright colors and this year I’m going all in with Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald Green. There’s just something about this vibrant, lush shade that exudes happiness and I can’t think of a better hue to meet summer in!

P.S. For more colorful inspiration, head over to my Pinterest.

burberry, trenchcoat, green, emeraldgreen girls vogue paris, green tounge, emerald, pantone 2013

chanel, lego, bag, clutch, green

palm tree, wallpaper, print, bathroom, green, palm

green, patent, marni, wedges,

emerald green, green sunglasses, pantone, color of the year 2013,

equipment signature shirt in fern green, emerald green, pantone, color of the year 2013

green wallpaper, green headboard, interior design, pantone, color of the year 2013, emerald green, kelly greenacne green sweater, emerald green, kelly green, pantone, colour of the year 2013

green outfit, emerald green, pantone, color of the year 2013, kelly green, blazer, jacket, streetstyle

green interior design, emerald green, pantone, color of the year 2013vogue, green, emeraldproenza schouler jacket, green, pantone, emeraldfreja beha, green dress, emerald green, pantone, color of the year 2013

miranda kerr, emerald green, pantone, color of the year 2013


110 thoughts on “Emerald city

  1. I’ve never been a fan of green (i only own two green pieces) but have been trying to get into it so this was great inspiration! Thanks :)


  2. Stunning images~ I’m especially floored by the green-gold organic jacket – that’s such an investment collection piece. Do you know who it’s by? Thanks for a great collection of inspirational images!

    ~ lauriel


  3. I have been getting a lot of Emerald Greens too lately thanks to your green-spiration.

    Much love

  4. Green is the HOT COLOR this season. This is one of my favorites colors so I’m glad :-)
    Awesome pictures selection


  5. Emerald green is fabulous! You’ve posted some amazing pics, styles and ideas. Great stuff, although I am biased towards greens. My favorite color of all time…thanks for sharing!


  6. I remember walking into Sephora and seeing Pantone’s Emerald Green Ad everywhere. Love. I love using Emerald as an accessory or decor color like your bedroom and decor photos. Great picks.

    – Kay cupcakesandshenanigans.blogspot.com

  7. I really hope we are never going to see you in that stupid coat from the first pic. It looks like someone took away a layer of grass from their neighbour’s cows.
    You don’t need to follow every fashion mishap out there, with certain things you wear you look unfortunate enough already (like the weird striped blazer in your latest post).
    I really don’t understand how sometimes you manage to look so gorgeous and polished and then the next day it seems like you shopped with a blind eye.

  8. Britta: Hi Britta, thanks for your feedback and you are of course entitled to your own opionion even if I don’t necessarily agree with you.

    I dress for myself and not for anyone else and if people don’t like some of the things I wear that’s totally fine. We all have different tastes and we can’t agree on everything but that’s the beauty of life! 

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