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SKIN CARE. After being introduced to this moisturizer by a japanese makeup artist a couple of years ago, I’ve been an avid user of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I have very sensitive skin that tends to get a little bit on the dry side during winter and this little gem helps keeping it smooth and soft through out the colder months of the year. You’ll find it here!

Efter att ha blivit introducerad till den här fantastiska ansikstkrämen av en japansk makeup artist för ett par år sedan har jag varit en trogen användare av Embryolisse. Jag har ganska känslig hy som lätt blir torr under vinterhalvåret och då är denna kräm guld värd. Du hittar den här!

MOISTURIZER Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (here).

34 thoughts on “Embryolisse

  1. Oh I think this one is a good idea for one of my closest friends witch has a similar skin type like you.

    Loveley Patricia xxx

  2. Just googled it and sadly it contains beeswax that I like to avoid as I’m vegan… but I really suffer from my terrible skin, especially in winter. So maybe I’ll give it a try one time… :) Thanks for the tip!

    xo Sabrina


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