ELLEgirl Japan


ELLE. I just recieved the april issue of ELLEgirl japan where I’m featured
alongside 5 other awesome girls! The article is about hot trends for ss 10 and I went
for a mix of Burberrys “socks & heels” and Dries Van Notens way of layering and using colors.

Big thanks to Yukiko Morooka and ELLEgirl Japan for featuring me!

(I’ll post a better picture of the outfit I’m wearing in the article soon!).

36 thoughts on “ELLEgirl Japan

  1. I really admire Rumi, her casual but catchy writing style, the photos of her and by her, but mostly her style and the way she puts all the different pieces together! It was her who inspirired me to start blogging, and Im thankful for that!

    Also love the red skirt on Chiara! It goes so well with the stripy top! Classy!

  2. congrats! what an amazing feature! happy belated birthday; i loved your birthday look!

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