28 thoughts on “dries

  1. the jumper is so lovely! i love its skin color and how its so big and cozy!
    your blog is amazing! you always post the best outfits! :)

    xoxo mary jane

  2. It looks very cozy and warm… what I don’t understand is why she’s even bothering to wear it without pants. You’re cold either way muhahah.

  3. LOL — I swear just YESTERDAY I was on a blog that was not loving this sweater. I said it would look gorgeous on someone with a gorgeous body and I was right. Wish I could remember the link for you.

  4. this fuzzy knit is popping up everywhere except my wardrobe!!! its not just another knit!! the color the texture and the shape!!

  5. I really like your blog! i’ve seen nearly 10 old entries and all are really good! I hope you to like our new blog. We are from Madrid! Don’t hesitate to visit us!

  6. I like your blog alot! Check out mine!

    ~follow and comment~ :)

  7. lovve dries – i actually have an oversize white sequin blazer on my blog right now as part of my dec inspiration board- check it out


  8. I could feel how cozy that sweater could be and yet its so fuzzy. That would look good when paired with tights and knee high boots.

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