Pictures by Mattias Swenson

NYC. As I mentioned the other day I still have so many pictures left to post from NY! Wore this outfit to the IFB conferance on feb 8th and finally got to use my beloved leather jacket that has been hiding in my closet all winter, (usually a pretty good sign that spring has arrived, even though I had to layer a vest on top of it to keep the cold out). But still, being able to wear a leather jacket in february is rare for a swedish gal so I’m not complaining ;)
Stay tuned for more nyfw pictures later this week! xx

BIRD waistcoat. JNBY leather jacket. WERA sweater. ZARA leopard pants. NOWHERE shoes. AMERICAN APPAREL clutch. CÉLINE sunnies. H&M choker.

96 thoughts on “downtown

  1. I LOVE the leopard pants,nice photos.greetings from Mexico.

  2. love the coat! I wore fur today too!!!! wish I had a bright clutch too put with it though…. next time!!!!


    montes Y mills

  3. Love the mix of blue and leopard and I’m still lusting over those Nowhere shoes! Xx

  4. I really like the sweater and jacket but the pants and shoes aren’t really my cup of tea

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  5. you look amazing! Layering with a leather jacket is an amazing idea!

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  6. you look amazing as always! love how you combined the printpants, furcoat, blue knit and yellow clutch that I would have never ever put together like that but thats makes it as great and interesting as it looks right now!

    X, Annie

  7. The clutch is really lovely !!! This color is just marvellous!!!

  8. Love the leopard Zara pants and blue sweater combo! Did you buy these pants recently? I want to get them if they’re still in the store!

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