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Picture by Carolina Engman

PUT A BELT ON IT. I got the inspiration for this little DIY after seeing how Vintagepiken stores her magazines and thought I had to share it with you guys since it’s probably the easiest DIY of all times. I have tons of fashion & interior design magazines laying around my apartment and this is such a neat way of organizing/displaying them. All you need are two belts to strap around your magazines, and voila, done. I got my belts at H&M, but if you already have some at home, they’ll work just as good!

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109 thoughts on “DIY magazine holder

  1. This is such an awesome and simple ideas. I usually recycle my magazines as I have too many, then I miss them/ want to refer to an article… not any more!!

  2. Ah, what a great idea! I’m gonna use it.
    Would you check my blog? I started this week, and i could use some advice…

  3. Such a simple and cute idea! I will definitely have to keep this in mind when I’m reorganizing my office!

  4. Hello Caroline! I love Converse, there’re my favourite shoes. Happy sunday. Alice

  5. This looks so edgy yet simple, I have been having trouble keeping my magazines in good condition and this is an amazing idea, thankyou!

    Izzie xxx

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