37 thoughts on “Divided Exclusive

  1. such cool shoes!
    i’m so jealous. They remind me of the Rodarte Fall 2009 collection.


  2. These shoes are soooooooooo amazinng! I am sure you will be wearing them alot!


  3. I melted into the shoes the moment I saw it. The complication embedded into the shoes with the buckles and zips are so stunning that it has been toned down with the all time sophisticated black, allowing whoever wears them to show off the elegant tastefullness.

    I love it!

  4. Amazing shoes, can’t wait to see a photo of you wearing them. The little pink eiffel tower keyring is adorable!


  5. love your style and going shoes crazy…love it
    great blog
    check/comment/add my fashionaddress.blogspot.com

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