117 thoughts on “details: neon coral + seashells

  1. Absolutely adore the outfit.

    Jewelery giveaway.

  2. no offense to the other stylist bloggers, but I think you did the best job in Florence!! You actually picked so many really different pieces and created a completely unique look, instead of just throwing on one single expensive dress.
    I am really impressed! Hope to see more of your styling skills in the future! love it!



  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE that coral colour! I just can’t get enough of it. beautiful use of it as well. Cannot wait to see the whole outfit :D

  4. that bag is awesome in all the different sizes… I think it’s gonna be a good option for next sales hahaha!
    seems a nice look carolina ;)


  5. Just gorgeous, the colour of your bag is incredibly pretty and just makes everything pop!


  6. Oh I love this! I am obsessed with coral, especially neon coral. This bag looks great with the pop of purple in the dress. <3

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