138 thoughts on “chainmail necklace

  1. Bling bling.. ;)

    Carolina, did you see my Twitter messages about the interview that I would like to do of you for Finnish fashion magazine? I’m now in Barcelona too, so I’d be glad to meet you for a second and ask a few questions. I sent you email to your press-address, but I’m sure it’s full of mails.. :/

  2. love the necklace! such a statement piece!



  3. Let us see the entire outifit! i have the same dress from zara that you are wearing in this picture, so i would like to know how you completed it!!!

  4. That necklace really rocks! I really like those chains and though I don’t like the lilac colored stones, I do love those deep blue colored ones!



    Style Route

  5. I really like this!.
    Statement pieces are a great way to express self and make boring outfits fun and interesting again!
    Because of its metallic color and the blue of it, it looks like something that could go with just about anything!
    Very nice!

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