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LOVE. Found this awesome gold tray in an antique store last week and it’s perfect for storing jewellry/accessories in! These pieces are my current favorites and I rarely leave the house without at least one of them on. The latest addition is the tiny star necklace that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday, absolutely obsessed with it!

CÉLINE sunglasses. MICHAEL KORS watch. HERMÈS bracelet. ANINE BING FOR COOEE star necklace. H&M bracelet.

80 thoughts on “details: bling

  1. That is PERFECT! I am always looking for interesting trays and bowls like that from thirft stores. Just adds somethign special. Your bangles are fantastic, by the way!

  2. Love that Michael Kors watch with the blue face! His watches are the best! Great selection of accessories!

  3. These items are so great! Maybe I have to show this photo to my boyfriend, too ;) The necklace is amazing!

    Love, B.

  4. Lovely bracelets!!! and great photo!!!

  5. Love the necklace! Looking forward in seeing you in the Star necklace :)
    Im thinking of buying it myself!

  6. Very nice pic!
    I love these sunglasses! So cool that candle! :)


  7. HI! omg i have been looking for a nice MK watch that is unique! and this is it!

    what is the model number for this watch??! i can’t find it anywhere online!


  8. I love you your blog, and I LOVE the watch too!! it’s so beautiful. Like Natasha, i’ve been looking for a watch just like this forever! Do you have a link for a place I can buy this online? Would be so helpful, thanks! <3

  9. Is the watch rose gold or gold – I’ve tryed to find it but had no luck:( pls help!!!

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