74 thoughts on “details: black/gold

  1. this Clutch is Amazing. I am in love! Where can I buy that? Cant find this piece on the Minkoff Website?!


  2. Lilian: It’s an old one so I don’t think they sell it anymore! :/ But you could always check Ebay, I think the name of the model is “Racy”! :)

  3. HELL YES TO THE PEPLUM SKIRT!! volume to the waist! yesssssssss

    BY THE WAY! what do you think about MARGIELA and H&M COLLABORATION? I’m SHOCKED!
    I wrote a post about it on my blog, pleassse tell me what you think about it— seriously! omg…

    xx nathan.niche


  4. Great look and style, love the clutch bag, this is really my style, black, gold and leopard print. Elegant and really Italian!

  5. That bag is out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!! You have amazing taste <3

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