37 thoughts on “Denim + Zipper

  1. I love your eyebrows. I only wish mine were as thick as that! :)

    I love the way you pair a tough looking jacket with something feminine, like a supermini or leggings.

  2. Jävligt snygg, såg en gråblå på en seconhand affär i London, den var gudomlig. Den hade tre dragkedjor fram, jävligt udda men snygg som få.

  3. the zipper is so cool and the top is super super chic! u look gorgeous as always ;) have a nice day <3 x

  4. You look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! I’ve tried on the dress version of this top, which is also lovely but since I’m too critical to myself I didn’t buy it.. and now I’m sorry I didn’t … it was kinda awesome :/

  5. hi;)! The denim top is just stunning;)! I have a one question: Are you working in the fashion industry? What you are doing and how did you got there? I’m 18 i wanted to work in that businnes too but I don’t know how to do that:(

    Im watching your blog since last summer! It’s great!! Hope that you will love my blog too, but right now it’s only the beggining;)

    xoxo Monika


  6. me lovin the denim top!! looks sooo good on you!!

    and the fact that you’re workin it with your gorgeous lip-color, and your gorgeous hair, makes it even better.. :)

  7. Jezus Christ! You look incredibile:) I love your figure and style. Perfecto!

  8. Could you make a post about how you do your (eye)makeup; which products you use and how. Your makeup looks always so good. Thanks :)

  9. Love the denim, I recently bought a denim shirt, and am on the hunt for a full skirt. Love your blog!

  10. Love that denim bustier, I recently bought a denim shirt myself, am on the hunt for a nice skirt next. Loving your blog, you have some lovely clothes!

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