Denim Vest + Eiffel Tower



Denim Vest and Eiffel tower, thrifted.

THURSDAY. I paid a visit to a couple of my favorite thrift stores today and found a cute denim vest for less than $1, (bargain!!) and a miniature Eiffel Tower souvenir that serves as a ring holder. I also bought a silk shirt that will be getting a mini makeover tomorrow. Now – a huge cup of chai and the latest issue of my favorite danish magazine Cover.

20 thoughts on “Denim Vest + Eiffel Tower

  1. That’s so cool! I made my ring holder out of a cut up toilet paper roll and some paper clips… This is a much more durable choice though.

  2. now that´s what I call a bargain, lucky girl!and that little eiffel tower.. there must be one somewhere at my house from the time I lived in paris, maybe it should serve me as some kind of jewelry tool as well!
    and as for the doc martens: when did your feet get used to them? those shoes are killing me, I thought they were supposed to be comfy..?


  3. mmm, chai! i love it too! i’m drinking a cup right now. it’s like my coffee – i must have a cup every day. so good.

    lovely vest too! cant wait to see how you wear it!


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